A carefully planned and executed strategy is paramount to creating wealth in business, for he who fails to plan, plans to fail.      

Eleuthera Group provides its clients with a sophisticated framework for strategically developing their business.  Our team identifies elements of the core business disciplines that will enable maximum value to be extracted and sets about implementing these in conjunction with the client.

Case Study

A client's objective was to become the market leader in their given territory within 3 years.  Originally they had planned to develop their business into multiple divisions such that they had the largest privately owned company in their industry.

With Eleuthera's assistance we identified that this approach was not suited to their industry and instead developed a strategic plan that entailed creating a group of privately owned companies, all marketed separately.  The benefits of this strategy included:

  • Multi-brand presence within the same market
  • De-risked ownership structure through multiple subsidiaries
  • Potential buyers are attracted via multiple entry points
  • Overall group value higher than the sum of its parts